Support & FAQ


How much do you charge?

The fee for tax return preparation depends upon the nature of income and deductions involved. Service fee for most Ďindividualí tax returns is between $80 to $120 (by cash) at the time of preparation. Such fee is fully tax deductible in the year paid.

Can I have your fee taken from my refund?

This arrangement is available on request, an additional administrative charge of $10 applicable.

Can I prepare my own tax return on-line?

We provide an online service where you can prepare your tax return at your own pace at a time suitable for you. Communication is by a combination of online submission, email, phone or fax. This service can be accessed on the internet at (website).

Can you prepare multiple years returns at the same time?

We can prepare and lodge all past yearís returns together at the same time. The current yearís refunds will be returned in the normal period but there may be slight delays with refunds coming from the ATO for previous years returns and possibly not arriving together.

Can I claim any deductions if I have no receipts?

Under some circumstances receipts are not required, but in order to maximise your tax deductions, we recommend you retain all your work and business related receipts and bring them with you at the time of your return preparation.

I have a "Working Visa". What do I need in order to work in Australia?

A Tax File Number (TFN) is required in order to work and be properly recognised for tax purposes in Australia. An Application Form may be picked up from any branch of the ATO.

I have received a dividend statement, do I need to declare this as income?

You need to include dividends and any other interest earned on bank accounts. Donít forget to include all interest, even if youíve already closed the bank account. Also if youíve quoted your tax file number when opening a bank account then you need to declare that interest in your individual tax return, not in a partnership or trust tax return.

Will I be penalised for lodging my return late?

You may receive a fine or interest penalty charge from the ATO if you lodge your return late. Generally if you are entitled to a refund those penalties are minimal. All registered practitioner has lodgement extension facilities that will minimise such charges, please call to discuss your specific circumstances.

How much can I claim for my wife and my children?

The amount you can claim will depend on the income levels of you and your individual family members, the age of your children and any amount already received through Centrelink payments. It is therefore important that you bring all these details with you when required.

Can I claim my work uniform as a tax deduction?

Deductions for uniforms can only be claimed if the work uniform is specific and identifiable to your organisation or protects you from injury whilst you are at work. You canít claim the cost of a plain uniform or conventional clothing, such as white shirt and black pants or skirt which is commonly worn by waiters and waitresses, even if your employer tells you to wear them.

What deductions can I claim if Iím studying?

Only study directly related to your current job may be claimed as a self-education expense.

I received money from the Govít during the year, do I include it in my tax return?

Some government payments and allowances are included as taxable income, others are not. Itís important that you declare any taxable payments such as age pensions, Newstart allowance, youth allowance or Austudy in your tax return.